About Digital Connect

What We’re About

We work hard everyday to find our clients the best internet, TV and home phone available, wherever you live! Our clients are presently saving as much as 40% off their home services.


Cable, Satellite TV or Streaming services customer tailored for your needs!

Home Phone

Keep your home phone (and the same number) without paying too much!


Stay connected with the fastest, best internet where you live!


Choose from one of our bundles and save even more money!


It’s not our first time around the block! We currently hold the #1 Shaw Direct award for highest customer service and volume of sales!

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    Incorporated in 1997

    Originally began with the first Starchoice satellite installed in all of Canada! Taking on a new evolution of how we watched TV - before we only had cable as an option!

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    Installed 1st Rural Xplornet Client

    We installed the first client on Rural Internet plan with Xplornet. We’re also part of the President’s Club for Xplornet Internet for quality of service and highest sales in Canada.

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    We Keep Evolving

    As new technology and options are developed, and new savings are offered, we educate our clients on what’s new and how they can save money with these changes.

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    National Partner

    Today, we’ve evolved to represent wholesale national offers for all urban and rural Canadians, and continue to work hard to ensure you get quality and savings.


Our clients are currently saving as high as 40% off their current services, this could be you!